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Giant Hogweed

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Common Name: Giant hogweed
Scientific Name: Heracleum mantegazzianum
Origin: Asia


Giant hogweed is a biennial herb that grows to 8-14 feet. Plants sprout in early spring from forked taproots or seeds. Stems are hollow, and leaves are lobed. The best time to identify giant hogweed is when it is in bloom in June.


This plant colonizes rich, moist soils along roadside ditches, stream banks, waste areas, and forest edges.


Giant hogweed is on the federal noxious weed list because of its dangerous sap. It threatens riparian areas by displacing native plants and exacerbating soil erosion.


CAUTION – This plant has sap that can cause severe skin irritation, blistering, and scarring. There are also several native plant look-alikes. Call NYS Agriculture and Markets for management guidelines.

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This species is present in the FL-PRISM.

Hogweed on 175 acres of property in the Finger Lakes region. 

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