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Priority Invasives

Not all species pose threats to natural areas, agricultural crops, or the places and pursuits we care about. The FL-PRISM prioritizes which species are of major concern and necessary to map, monitor, and manage based on a variety of factors including capacity, available resources, potential impact, and likelihood of successful elimination. 

The FL-PRISM Priority Invasive Species list are those that are here or are approaching the region that are highly invasive. We are actively looking to prevent the spread and impact and manage infestations, if feasible, or provide guidance to others on management techniques. For a full list of species in the region, click here.

You can help protect our valuable resources: learn how to identify harmful invasive species in your community, spread the word about their negative impacts, and join the regional effort to put a stop to the growing threat invasive species pose to your region- the beautiful Finger Lakes!.

Remember – Native species may resemble invasive species. Always confirm identification and learn about best management practices and permitting requirements before beginning any control program.

List of Finger Lakes Tiered Ranking Species is available here: FL_tier_list_2_04_21