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Below you can view past recording of PRISM partner meetings, our monthly webinar series, and other topics of interest.

Finger Lakes Full Partner Meetings

Title: Full Partner Meeting 2022

Date: 12/15/12

Title: Full Partner Meeting 2021

Date: 12/8/2021

Finger Lakes PRISM Past Volunteer Trainings

Title: Finger Lakes PRISM Volunteer HWA Training

Date: 1/19/2022

Title: Finger Lakes PRISM Trail Survey Training

Date: 5/19/2022


Title: Finger Lakes PRISM Macrophyte Survey Training

Date: 5/19/2022

Finger Lakes Monthly Webinar Series

Title: A History of Watercraft Stewards in the Finger Lakes, 2012-2020

Date: 3/9/2021

Title: How to Use Invasive Species in Experiential Learning Modules for K-12

Date: 4/13/2021

Title: Community Science Programs in the Finger Lakes Region. Why We Need you!

Date: 5/11/2021

Title: NYISAW Training- How to identify and report the top invasives in the region

Date: 6/8/2021

Other Meetings

Title: Finger Lakes Full Partner Meeting

Date: 5/3/2021

Title: Ecological Landscaping with Native Plants

Date: 6/8/2021