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Photo by Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut, Bugwood.org

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Common Name: Fanwort
Scientific Name: Cabomba caroliniana
Origin: Southern U.S.


Fanwort is a submerged perennial with fan-like leaves that are branched and attached to the stem on petioles, appearing whorled. Flowers are small, white, and emergent in late summer. Reproduction can occur by seed or fragmentation.


Native to the southern United States, and a popular aquarium plant, fanwort is regionally invasive and found in 3-10 feet of water in acidic lakes, ponds, and quiet streams.


Fanwort can form extremely dense stands and clog waterways stifling water flow and impairing recreational activities.


There is little information on fanwort biology or management. Mechanical removal, water level manipulation, and chemicals have been tried in the Northeast with limited success.

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