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2020-2021 Annual Report is here!

Full report available here: 2020_2021_AnnualReport_FingerLakesPRISM

Letter from the Coordinator

New York Tough. That is the phrase that bears to mind when reflecting on 2020. We hunkered down and fought our way through the rising COVID 19 rate of infection. In contrast, we saw community members seek outdoor solace in droves via our coveted trailway systems, waterways, and by hiking, fishing and playing outside. Our watercraft stewards inspected an incredible 45,963 boats this past season while removing 5,2777 invasive species. Our steering committee and working groups labored diligently through invasive species ranking into tiered lists, and helped develop and guide our Strategic Plan 2025 which includes a revised mission and vision and new goals and objectives. Our program was able to pivot and offer a wide variety of trainings and programs virtually with topics ranging from prevention strategies, monitoring and survey, reporting in iMapInvasives, and how to access resources through our website and social media. Additionally, we worked with iMapInvasives and Rochester Institute of Technology on their full year capstone course project to increase recruitment and retention in our citizen science programs. While many activities were canceled, our key highlights and outputs reflect dedicated stakeholders and strong programming.


9170.70 acres surveyed for high priority invasive species across 619 sites

103 waterbodies surveyed for high priority AIS

498.77 acres of invasive species control across 487 sites

114.83 acres restored through replanting and seeding

29 boat stewards inspected 45,963 boats

5,277 invasive species removed from boats entering or leaving our Finger Lakes waterways

2,086 volunteers trained to prevent the spread and impact of invasive species

Outreach to the community about invasive species reached 2,086 people across 71 workshops, webinars, or training event; trained 221 people to record observations in iMapInvasives.

NY Invasive Species Awareness Week: With twenty-two partner events across the region, including 10 unique programs with a reach of 27,831 people through virtual Facebook campaigns and 261 through webinars and virtual hikes in the region, 2020 NYISAW was a huge success!


New York IS tough. And together, we were able to lower our COVID 19 rates; pivot our project delivery; adjust our protocols to current state and federal COVID 19 guidelines; and deliver high quality invasive species prevention programs, early detection and rapid response, increased partnerships and information sharing opportunities, control and restoration at high priority areas, as well as secure funding support for additional projects while managing our current funded projects. I am proud of the work that our team and partners accomplished and I look forward to working with you all in 2021-2022.

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