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Starry Stonewort Collaborative

Project: Starry Stonewort Collaborative
Years: 2018 – 2020
Funded By: Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
Project Manager: David Carr, dcarr@hws.edu, 315-781-4389

Nitellopsis obtusa or Starry Stonewort (P.Skawinski)

Starry Stonewort (SSW, Nitellopsis obtusa) is an aquatic invasive macroalgae from Eurasia that closely resembles a vascular plant. Left unchecked its rapid, excessive growth will cause harm to natural environmental systems, native species habitat, and can inhibit the use of waterways.

The Starry Stonewort Collaborative project for the Great Lakes basin will enhance the capacity of experts, resource managers and community volunteers to address starry stonewort infestations.

A key component of the project is a collaborative framework of 20+ scientists, stakeholders and resource managers who will help with outreach efforts, resource exchange and participate in webinars. These partners, from all across the Great Lakes basin, will be integral in encouraging citizen scientists from the region to identify and report SSW infestations. Additionally, a smaller Expert Panel will help guide the project, assist with peer review of papers, recommend existing and new best management practices (BMPs), and provide outreach assistance and informational webinars.

Project Collaborators & Nitellopsis obtusa locations -10/14/18; USGS-NAS

Locations and descriptions of identified SSW infestations will be maintained in online databases such as the United States Geological Survey Nonindigenous Aquatic Species program (USGS-NAS) and iMapInvasives. A dedicated SSW web site with a library of information including, research, BMPs, fact sheets and media presentations will also be developed for use by researchers, scientists and citizens.