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Early Detection- Rapid Response Protocol

(adapted from SLELO- PRISM)

Detection of an organism falls into two distinct categories:

Active, which is predetermined for a specific location(s) or priority area(s) to survey. This detection uses trained seasonal employees, volunteers, citizen scientists, etc., to actively survey in specific locations (HPAs). A passive detection uses trained volunteers, seasonal employees, students, citizen scientists, etc., who may record any sightings, anywhere and is not site-specific.

A Rapid Response to the detection of an organisms will be highly variable and partially determined by the size of the infestation and location on the invasives curve. A small to medium scale infestation is manageable and can be eradicated by using trained volunteers, seasonal employees, etc. The use of best practice to arrange a volunteer event to address the threat or use localized eradication methods (i.e., newly established water chestnut in a quiet cove in a lake run by a lake association). A medium scale infestation or where access is moderately difficult requires more time and investment. It is necessary to determine the costs required, funding source, eradication method and implementation plan for this infestation scale. A large scale and substantial difficulty infestation is one that the scale of the project is too large for on-the-ground eradication methods.

Early Detection/ Rapid Response Protocol

Infestation is discovered Check fingerlakesinvasoves.org for more information and resources on organisms
Obtain Positive ID of organisms Document the infestation: size and identificationĀ of the organism, if possible
Contact Hilary Mosher, Coordinator, FL-PRISM for further information and management strategies Hilary R. Mosher, Mosher@hws.edu, 315-781-4385
Determine appropriate response based on land ownership Property owner will determine level of response and education necessary
Working with FL-PRISM and CCE IS Team to implement management, monitor asĀ appropriate and follow-up as needed. Property owner, FL-PRISM Coordinator, CCE IS Team
Log infestation into iMapInvasives Property owner, FL-PRISM Coordinator, or CCE IS Team