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Partner Survey 2017-18

We continue to grow our efforts to combat invasive species in our region thanks to the dedicated efforts of our partners. Sharing the regional scale of these efforts through our annual report helps us to bring more focus and grant money to the task.

We ask you to take 15 minutes to complete our survey. This will help us to highlight the amazing work undertaken across the region and provide validation for state and federal support.

The survey is segmented into two parts. Feel free to complete one or both sections, as your data and time allows. Part I contains questions regarding number of hours, dollar amount spent, and program highlights. Part II of this survey is a more detailed questionnaire of your current IS program and includes specific questions about your education and outreach focus, volunteer management, monitoring, control, or restoration projects. You likely will not have data for all sections, so feel free to skip questions that are not relevant to your program. All information is valuable for our regional reporting so whatever data you can provide will be extremely valuable.

Thank you for all you do! We look forward to working with you in the coming year.

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