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JOB: Giant Hogweed Control Crew

Giant Hogweed Control Crew


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Finger Lakes Institute (FLI) is dedicated to the promotion of environmental research and education about the Finger Lakes and surrounding environments. In collaboration with regional environmental partners and state and local government offices, the Institute fosters environmentally-sound development practices throughout the region, and disseminates accumulated knowledge to the public.



The Finger Lakes Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (FL-PRISM) is a network of partners in 17 counties of the Finger Lakes region of New York and brings together the resources of a diverse range of organizations to prevent, detect, control, and manage invasive species; ultimately reducing their proliferation and impacts. With the cost to control invasive species within the United States estimated between $120B and $137B annually (Pimentel et al. 2005, Runyon et al. 2012), the FL-PRISM allows for sharing and leveraging of limited resources within the partnership while representing a highly-visible program that builds community awareness and


Giant Hogweed Control

Giant hogweed is an invasive plant with sap capable of causing injury to humans.  In addition to being a public health hazard, giant hogweed plants decrease plant diversity and can lead to soil erosion. Giant hogweed plants are located in a variety of settings (e.g. riparian areas, fields, yards, forests). Control of these plants is very manageable when the plant numbers are few but a site can quickly grow from a few plants to many within a short time period. NYSDEC Forest Health’s giant hogweed control program assists public and private landowners by controlling the giant hogweed on their properties for them or providing training to them on how to control it themselves. More information about giant hogweed and DEC’s statewide control program can be found online at http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/39809.html. The Finger Lakes Institute seeks to hire crews to work alongside the NYSDEC Forest Health crew within the Division of Lands & Forests, Forest Health.


The position’s duties involve fieldwork within central and western NY on both public and private lands; mapping infestations, collecting site information, surveying for plants and implementing control of giant hogweed. Appropriate safety equipment and safety training will be provided at the outset of employment.


Principal Duties

  • Contact property owners to obtain permission to enter property for survey and/or control.
  • Locate specific control sites using maps and GIS products.
  • Implement manual control of giant hogweed. This is a labor intensive process and involves using a shovel to cut the plant taproot 5 inches below ground level. Manual crew sites may contain up to 400 plants. Herbicide crews will use manual control cutting in sensitive portions of larger sites and also at small sites with less than 100 plants.
  • Removal and safe disposal of all giant hogweed flower/seed heads found. Cut and hold pruners will be provided.
  • Scout each site for additional giant hogweed plants within a 500 square foot radius of the known, visible giant hogweed plants.
  • Conduct field surveys with the use of a hand-held GPS and mobile mapping unit, and plot giant hogweed location polygons and records on digital maps.
  • Acquire and inventory digital photographs of specific control sites to monitor yearly progress.
  • Maintain detailed records of the control activities and site information for each site.
  • Herbicide crews will control giant hogweed using Accord XRT II at sites ranging from 0.6 acres to 5.5 acres in size while working under supervision of a certified commercial pesticide applicator. Herbicide will be applied using an appropriate backpack sprayer and nozzle to minimize non-target effects, or other sprayer if more appropriate for the site, according to the product label and manufacturer’s safety instructions. The recommended manufacturer’s dose will be used and label instructions followed. All necessary equipment and herbicide will be provided. Landowners will need to be notified prior to herbicide application and provided with a copy of the herbicide label.


Required knowledge and skills

  • Knowledge of accepted safety practices by which to prevent injury to self, staff and public and/or private property.
  • Knowledge of invasive species, control techniques and plant identification skills. Ability to identify giant hogweed and associated plants with minimal training.
  • Skill in using maps, GPS and GIS to assist in locating and recording survey sites.
  • Physical ability to dig, cut and/or spray hogweed plants for several months!
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to interact well with the public and provide accurate information about giant hogweed to interested persons.
  • Self-motivated, work well both independently and in a collaborative setting.
  • Herbicide crews:
  • Prior experience a plus. NY State Certified Pesticide Technician, category 3a preferred.
  • Knowledge of pesticide application rules and regulations according to Part 325 of 6 NYCRR and Article 33 of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL).
  • Ability to follow direction regarding safe pesticide application.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be physically able to perform the duties assigned.
  • Candidates must possess a valid New York State driver’s license at the time of appointment, or demonstrate their ability to meet the transportation needs of the job.


Duration of Employment

The duration of employment will be May 23 through August 23, 2016. Successful applicants will be required to take a 4-day training course designed and presented by the Division of Lands & Forest in Albany & New Paltz. This course will be included in the duration of employment.


Primary Work Location

Employees will be assigned a primary work location (Avon or Syracuse) that is geographically convenient to the giant hogweed sites they will be visiting.  Room and board is the responsibility of the employee.  Accommodation and living expenses for work outside the primary area will be reimbursed at the standard State rates prescribed for the area.


Standard Work Week & Salary

The typical workweek is four 10-hour days per week (Monday to Thursday). The compensation rate is $14 per hour.


To Apply

Applicants should supply a letter of intent, resume, and contact information for three professional references to Hilary Mosher at flprism@gmail.com.


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Position Title: Giant Hogweed Control Crew

Full/Part Time: Full-Time, ~13- weeks

Regular/Temporary: Temporary

Location: various

Salary: $14/hr, provisional based on contract completion and funding approval

Travel will be required for this position



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