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2016 FL-PRISM Proposals

The 2016 Proposal List



Priority Invasive Species of Concern for Working Groups

  1. City of Ithaca FL-PRISM–  Control and monitoring of populations of Microstegium vimineum (Trin.) Camus in Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY, City of Ithaca ($4438)
  2. CLWN FC FL PRISM proposal 3 18 16 FINAL–  Generating a sustainable volutneer observer network, east and west from the north end of Cayuga Lake, CLWN ($5000)
    1. 2016 PRISM grant #3 LOS
  3. Prism Proposal_Science Education Videos on Invasive Species_Rayor2016-17–  Improving Invasive Species Awareness in the Finger Lakes Through Science-based Educational Videos, Dept of Entomology, Cornell University ($5000)
  4. 2016-17 FL-PRISM–  Control of Phgragmites australis subspp. Australis at the Skaneateles Conservation Area beaver pond on Gully Rd., Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee ($5000)
  5. FL_PRISM grant proposal 2016 OCSWCD– Onondaga Ash Control –  Ash Tree Preservation in Response to Emerald Ash Borer, Onondaga Soil and Water Conservation District ($5000)
  6. CCE_Onondaga_16-17 Water Chestnut on Oneida –  Water Chestnut Removal, Monitoringm and Education on Oneida Lake, Onondaga CCE ($4534.45)
    1. Rudstam Letter of Support
    2. Nemecek Support Letter
  7. Genesee Land Trust, 2016-2017 FL-PRISM Proposal –  Invasive Plant Management and Outreach Events at Island Cottage Woods Preserve, Genesee Land Trust ($2307)
  8. FINAL – Baltimore Woods Nature Center FL-PRISM Grant (2) –  Baltimore Woods nature Center and Central New York Land Trust Invasive Speces Inventory and Management Tracking Using iMapInvasives, Baltimore Woods Nature Center ($4998.40)
  9. Boscarino FLPRISM 2016 –  Early Detection and range expansion of the invasive bloody-red shrimp, Hemmimysis anomala in the Finger Lakes: A citizen science and survey-based approach, Poughkeepsie Day School ($5000)
  10. CLWA_PRISM_HWA_2016 –  HWA Monitoring in the Canandaigua Lake Watershed, CLWA ($3860)
  11. FL PRISM Tree Health –  Evaluating Specific Parameters of Tree Health and Forest Productivity Affected by Two Exotic Invasive Woody Vines in Five Monroe County Parks, The College at Brockport ($4906)
  12. FL PRISM Swallowwort Abundance –  Direct and indirect impacts of swallowwort abundance on populations of blacklegged ticks, The College at Brockport ($4988)
  13. OCDOH and OCSWCD proposal (2) –  Early Detection Survey for Hydrilla Verticillata in the Three Rivers System of Onondaga County, Onondaga County Health Department ($3080)