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2016-2017 Partner Accomplishment Survey

The FL-PRISM is seeking information about our partner programs to include in our 2016_2017 Annual Report. This report will highlight the amazing work of our partners across the region and we need you and your data.

The survey is segmented into two parts. Feel free to complete one or both sections, as your data and time allows. Part I contains questions regarding number of hours, dollar amount spent, and program highlights. Part II of this survey is a more detailed report of your current IS program and includes specific questions about your education and outreach focus, volunteer management, monitoring, control, or restoration projects. You likely will not have data for all sections, so feel free to skip the questions where you do not have information. All information is valuable for our regional reporting so whatever data you can provide will be extremely valuable.

Please note that your data and information is used within the state and nationally to highlight the work that is done for IS. Last year, 28 partners reported spending $31,468,484 on invasive species work. This is invaluable information about the distinct need for continued invasive species support from the state and across the nation. Reporting is an important component of any program and I appreciate the time and effort on behalf of the FL-PRISM. Please send along any pictures you have of your program’s invasive species work to mosher@hws.edu with a caption and photo credit.

The survey is available here.


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