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Hemp Dogbane

Chris Evans, Illinois Wildlife Action Plan

Common Name: Hemp dogbane
Scientific Name: Apocynum cannabinum
Origin: North America


Hemp dogbane is a perennial broadleaved weed that stand sturdy and erect. The stem is green and becomes red at the base. The oval leaves on this plant are green with a white midvein and span about ΒΌ inch. Single stem seedlings emerge in the spring, becoming a 1 to 5 foot bushy plant. The plant develops rather rapidly, with seedlings having resprouting capacities after just ten days.


Often found in thickets, agricultural fields, riparian areas, meadows, along creek beds, irrigation ditches, and fence lines in pastures. The plant prefers well-drained soil in full sunlight.


Because hemp dogbane can begin resporouting at a very early age, the plant is able to spread rapidly. In fact, patches of hemp dogbane can double in size in just one growing season. This may become a nuisance and can outcompete other plant species.


Repeated mowing and pulling will help suppress growth of hemp dogbane. For larger infestations, tillage and herbicides may be more effective.

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This pest is found throughout the United States and is present in the FL-PRISM.